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What does Samuel Main do? Part 1

It occurred to me that although I share stories and content with you each week, some of you may not actually know what I do for a living and why I share this content.

So, with this, I thought I’d share a little insight into myself, what I do and how I can potentially help you.

My name is Samuel Main.

I grew up in the south west of England in a seaside town called Weston- Super - Mare, commonly referred to as Weston - Super - Mud…

In my youth I played every sport I could, but had success mainly in football playing semi-professionally at the age of 17.

I then went through the stages of school, college and eventually university, in which I got my undergraduate in Sports Coaching.

From this, I accepted a coaching position in Dubai coaching CrossFit.

I coached this full time for 3+ years in multiple countries, whilst starting my own journey in business and online coaching.

Around 30+ countries later, multiple years coaching CrossFit and then business, I started my own online coaching business in January 2021.

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