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What does Samuel Main do? Part 2

Now, I work very closely with a select few business owners, giving personal sales, marketing and fulfilment coaching for their online business, helping them to optimize profits and find peace in business.

How I do this is through an assortment of assessments for both their personal life and business.

Then, I work with them 1to1 each week for months at a time, overseeing their decisions, plans and supporting in any way possible.

My main strengths lie in scaling fulfilment, and helping coaches scale their business once they have hit a threshold for revenue, and struggling to break past a business revenue barrier.

In the previous three months, I have helped clients achieve :

  • Bob & Fran double their monthly revenue before starting to work with me, and achieve a six figure quarter. All whilst hiring two new members of a coaching team, and have two weeks of their business for a wedding.

  • Sarah to achieve her best month ever in business of over £12k whilst consistently working under 40 hours a week.

  • Lily to fire a member of her team, increase profitability in business and maintain $15k months despite having multiple days of work to be a full time parent when needed.

  • Paul & Danielle to implement the foundations of their business, preparing them for rapid growth in quarter 3. They are consistently adding 10-15k people to their audience on social media organically currently.

All names have been changed for the sake of keeping things private, but if you’d like to connect with any of the above coaches to double check this stuff, I’d be happy to connect you with them.

All I ask in return, is that when you realize I am sharing the truth, you post into my free Facebook group to recognize this :)

So, with all this said…

If you feel like you and your business have hit a stalemate, reply to this email and we can chat to see if I can either send you in the direction of someone who can help, or see if I can help you scale your business whilst not working every hour under the sun to do so.

Also, to note, ask anyone who I have worked with, or currently work with, my rates are extremely fair and I have the opposite approach to sales than most.

It is not a case of scaling at all costs for me, I only bring on new clients if I know they can add value to my community and I can be sure I can help them.

So, what are you waiting for? ;)

Alongside my coaching business, I also consult for a Financial Advisor company in the US.

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