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What is truly important…

We often talk about the work required to do anything of meaning.

Build a business or to get strong & healthy as an example.

We talk about the hustle, the hours, the risks and the never ending grind.

And we definitely can go through these seasons.

It is often plastered all over social media too, you know, everyone showing the hustle and the grind.

But, I wanted to remind you about what really is important.

And that is, the sh*t that nobody sees you doing.

It’s the decision to go to bed early when you want to stay up watching netflix all night.

It’s the decision to create another piece of content despite being on calls all day.

It’s the decision to start the business and take the risk.

It’s the decision not to settle for anything less than your best.

The sh*t nobody sees is what is important.

Remember that.

Be better than you are on social media.

Keep proving to yourself why you can do anything you’d like in this world.

Hope this helps!

Samuel Main

The Fulfilment Matrix

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