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Why things have changed.

I recently watched a short video clip of two musicians.

Stormzy & Billie Eilish.

Now, I admittedly barely follow any mainstream celebrities, watch the news or am interested in the latest gossip, however this short clip grabbed my attention.

Stormzy, a very well established musician states that he has deleted social media, and he recommended Billie to do the same.

The reasoning for this was that he realized that he was ‘lit’ in real life.

For those of you not up to date with British urban slang, lit means badass / awesome.

He knew he could walk into a room, and people would still recognize him, and the haters behind a keyboard would not say the same things to him face to face.

He said that this decision gave him peace and better headspace.

He quotes - Be lit in real life.

Now, although for many of us, social media is a requirement unfortunately for business & almost a part of life nowadays, how scary is that.

This short clip reminded me that social media really can be just a highlight reel, and often an escape from real life.

The video reminded me that we have to make a conscious effort to be just as ‘lit’ in real life.

We may not be able to delete social media just yet, but we can become better people in real life.

Be an amazing person, create unforgettable memories and go on inspiring adventures.

Be the person you display on social media, it is important.

Even better if your real life can be considerably more exciting than your social media displays.

Anyway, hope this was helpful today.

Here for a better you.

Samuel Main

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