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Winning Your Fight

I have spent many years working with ambitious fit pros and with individuals doing incredible things.

Growing businesses, scaling teams and earning more money in a single month than most earn in a year.

Seeing the life changing journeys is inspiring, but it does make you want from yourself too.

Add on top of this, the pressure that social media can bring and the expectations it sets for everyone to perform at.

Only seeing the highlight reel, the best of the best and those that have a very different life to yourself.

Add all this up, and it becomes so easy to compare our lives, our successes, our wins to these other people.

Last week, I had multiple conversations with people that had achieved amazing things, but yet there was still a level of disappointment.

They were disappointed because compared to others in their circle, others on social media, they felt like their achievement was nothing in comparison.

But yet, they had worked hard at building their business, worked hard and developing their health and brought in more income than ever before.

This is a cycle which can be difficult to escape, but one that causes more despair than anything.

What I like to state, is that for your life to be different, for your life to be better, you simply have to win your fight.

Winning your fight may be :

  • Bringing in an additional £3k per month,

  • Maybe winning your fight may be reducing your working week by 5 hours a week.

  • Possibly it is squeezing in an extra hours sleep or another workout.

  • Or maybe it is putting aside an additional £500 a month into your savings / investments.

You see, as we have stated multiple times before, comparison is the thief of joy, and both business and social media are two of the worst places we can compare ourselves too.

Focus on winning your battle, because if you can do that, your life will be inherently better, and you’ll continue to build the momentum to bigger and better things.

Do this, be grateful for what you do have and you’ll be well on your way to a better you.

Samuel Main

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