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Working From Home Attack Plan.


The world is in a state of uncertainty right now, and now is the time for you to sink or swim.

You are here, following my journey, and working hard to drastically improve your life.

And right now, you have to decide whether you are going to let what is happening in the world bring you to the bottom of the ocean, or swim like Michael Phelps did in the 2008 Olympics to take a historic win.

You are going to have to break the mould, be different, get out of your comfort zone and most importantly, not let anything stand in your way of growth.

Chances are high you are isolated, quarantined or your gym has been shut down.

With this in mind, I want to share with you 10 tips & tricks for optimising your performance should you be homebound.

1 - Sleep. Continue your same sleep schedule, do not start going to bed later and waking up later & later each day. This will kill your productivity and energy.

Get your 8 hours and show up ready to go.

2 - Exercise / Movement. It is no secret, movement makes you feel good & perform better. The gyms are shut yes, but that is no excuse not to do something.

Take your own advice, move every single day.

3 - Shower & Dress For Business. Lounging around in your spiderman pyjamas all day is not going to help you land your next high paying client.

Shower, freshen up, do your hair, dress smart and get your game face on.

4 - Nutrition. It is still a huge lead indicator for your success. Ensure you are eating for performance and not attacking all the easter eggs in the house. Do not neglect this.

5 - Create a Work Environment. Sitting on your sofa, with your laptop on a cushion is not going to help you perform. There is a time and place for it.

Create a work location in the house that triggers work mode, and keep certain areas of the house for relaxing different to your performance area. Even better if you can be standing.

6 - Music. Find a playlist that helps you get into flow. Binaural beats are typically the go to (Please share your playlists).

Use this for writing content, tackling larger tasks or completing specific activities.

7 - Journal. With so much uncertainty in the world right now, it is very easy to make decisions based on emotion.

Journal and reflect, so you can be sure to make conscious decisions based on logic. This is very relative to the next point...

8 - Awareness Of Your Environment. Those around you, partners, family, friends, the news and the neighbour two doors down, are likely going into survival mode. This can be disastrous for your business success.

Now, as always, is a time of opportunity. Don’t settle for less than your best, and do not tolerate accepting mediocrity right now. Do not let this negativity consume you.

9 - Adapt Your Schedule. Now is a time for strict boundaries on when you are working and when you are relaxing.

Schedule times to have a break, adapt to spend time with family and use this time you have to be present. However, when the time comes, you need to have your foot on the pedal with your business too.

Too much of a good thing isn’t good. It is sink or swim right now, remember that.

10 - Triggers. It is too easy to let the days fly by whilst at home. Cup of tea for 10 minutes, watch the TV for 20minutes, scroll social media for 30minutes. Before you know it, the day has passed and your bank account has not grown.

Implement triggers that remind you to perform. This could be wearing a watch, jewellery or an oura ring. An item that reminds you of the bigger hand at play and when it is time to focus.

These are 10 quick tips to help you during this time that you may be homebound. I do not have kids, so unfortunately cannot help too much here. From speaking with parents, they recommend to play games, cook together, involve the kids & have clear communication with your partner.

Hope this helps team.

Please remember, we are in this together.

  • Remove the negativity.

  • Take ownership.

  • Use this time for opportunity.

  • And don’t tolerate anything less than your best.

I believe in you. 💙

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