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'Write, what you need to read'

'Write, what you need to read'

So here it goes...

As my business grows, and the responsibilites, tasks and vision changes, it is important for me to continue to double down on people. People, people, people, people. I am a nerd for the latest software, system, automation, funnel, algorithm and meme as the next guy.

However, I also know why I got into this industry and why I am intentionally trying to be different, because I want a business that people can truly feel cared for when they become a part of the community. We all get lost in the next marketing strategy, the optimal posting time and the quickest way to grow a following... But, I need the reminder as much as you may do, that business is about people and helping them achieve success. If I can continue to do this, business will grow, impact will come and it will be something I can be proud of.

So, take a lesson from my rulebook today.

Stop thinking about the latest automation, strategy or funnel for just a few minutes, and reflect on how you can show up as your best self, care for those people who follow and trust you, and keep developing those meaningful relationships.

That's how you win in the long run.

Anyway, I hope your business is thriving, and you are happy.

If you are not, maybe it is time you sent me a DM.

Much love,

Samuel Main P.S. Crazy excited about what I am putting together behind the scenes. Watch this space you wonderful humans and thanks for following the journey 💙

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